Sunday, September 24, 2006

Still Life In Green Chair

This sketch was done in 1999, when I was working with special needs adults in a domestic setting. I did a series of studies titled "Still Life In Green Chair" which, I believe, there ended up being no less than five. Each featured Brian in his favorite green chair. I had meant for it to become a finished painting, but have yet to begin one. Instead, I went ahead and added the tacky green color. I feel like this, alone, captures his essence.

The elementary school I'm working at is actually down the street from Brian's house. On several occasions, I've driven by it on the way home and thought about stopping in to see if the green chair was still present, with perhaps Brian still sitting in it. But then I think about Brian's roommate, David, and how he would pull down his pants and pee on the shoes of unexpected visitors. And then I continue driving.


Anonymous dad said...

Quite the memories, huh?

25 September, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good times ...

Good times.


25 September, 2006  

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