Monday, April 14, 2008

Destined To Stay Home On A Monday

It's 10:45, in the morning, on Monday right now and I'm sitting here at home. I've decided to post some pics of Audrey simply because I haven't posted anything in a while. And, let's face it--you people come here to see pics of her anyway. So here they are.

I woke up Friday morning with a heavy head and a sore throat. Matt and the kids were to be in town later on in the day and I was looking forward to meeting up at Mom's for dinner. Lisa had plans with a friend and I was flying solo, so I figured I'd take Audrey out to see her cousins and then, at evening's end, bring David back with me to spend the night.

As my day at work drew to a close, it seemed more and more evident that going out to Olathe may not be a good idea. However, Lisa was still going to be out and I was going to have Audrey all to myself. And being sick and still having to take care of a toddler is not the ideal situation. Then Lisa called to inform me her plans fell through. Perfect. She can have Audrey and I'll go to bed at 8:00. With any luck, I'll feel better the next day and I can still go out to see Matt and the family, and even bring David back to spend Saturday night. I awoke on Saturday, feeling even worse than the day before. After sleeping until noon, I encouraged Lisa to take Audrey out to Olathe without me. Audrey's sleepover with her cousin David simply won't happen this visit.

Sunday, I felt much better and, with this, had decided that I would return to work on Monday. As we were preparing to put Audrey down for bed last night, I received a call from Laura, informing me that Thomas had taken ill and that daycare would be shut down for the day. I figured I could go ahead and stay home. After all, I had cleaned-up my room at the school (to the best of my ability) and had left my "sub folder" out in plain view on my desk, just in case I would have to call in sick Monday morning. As I was preparing to log-on to Subfinder, Lisa raised a good point. Why not ask The Eliminator to watch Audrey? He's retired now, and it might be a good opportunity for him. So I called the Old Man and, not only did he oblige, he seemed to be a a bit excited about it. So it was all set. Lisa would drop Audrey off in Olathe this morning, and then head to work. I would drive out and pick her up at the end of the work day.

As we arose this morning, another discovery was made. The basement had a pipe that had burst and, although not "bad" in the sense that it was flooding, it was still very wet down below. I looked for a shut-off valve and concluded that no such animal exists within a house built in 1953.

With any luck, the plumber (who's here right now and, just for the record, showed me where the mysterious shut-off valve is) will fix what needs fixing and then I can go into work for the last half of the day. Unless the gods frown upon me again and make things somehow worse. Which could still very well happen.


Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

The Eliminator doesn't get enough mad props. Come on people, who's with me?

/chest pump for Big D

15 April, 2008  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Don't wuss out on this Raspberries.

15 April, 2008  
Anonymous Mom said...

Not quite sure what you mean, Steaming Bowl o', but Papa Dave had quite the fun time with little Audrey, both Monday AND Tuesday. Audrey got "mad" at him a couple of times, but she loves her papa & eventually got over it. Wish I had been here! At least little baby doll & I talked on the phone. She's a cutie, & I love the pictures!

Mom (aka Mimi Judy/aka Grammy)

17 April, 2008  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Mom/Mimi Judy/Grammy,

You're going to make me explain it? Really? Ok.

Mad props = a great deal of respect
Raspberries = Matt

My apologies for the confusion. At one time, didn't you live in the Dot (as in Wyandotte)? I thought you were street.

18 April, 2008  
Blogger Mark Teel said...

The past two days, Audrey woke up and said "I go see Papa Dave today?"

In regard to her future in daycare, we've officially enrolled her in the St. Joseph Child Education Center in Shawnee. The scenario is bitter sweet in that we'll miss her going to Laura's terribly, but putting her in a school-like setting is a bit exciting.

18 April, 2008  
Anonymous Mom said...

Matt - Raspberries?? Okay, Matt/Rasp., any reply?

Yes, we lived in the "Dot" for awhile, but too long ago to remember much of the street lingo.

18 April, 2008  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Man, what happened to sawblade and raspberries? Is there some sort of familial alienation going on? What did you do Mark, what did you do?

30 April, 2008  

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