Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Hole In The Wall Gang

Ike and I have been very busy lately, preparing for this summer's big construction project. Since we share a wall, he feels like it might be a good idea to put a hole--a hidden hole, of course--between our two classrooms. Why? There are multiple reasons for this. The first, and most obvious, is that he wouldn't have to walk through his door, around the corner, and into my room to get his coffee. By installing a hole (did I mention that it would be hidden?), then Ike wouldn't have to walk quite as far. During a lecture, I could secretly hand him his coffee without missing a beat ("excuse me a moment while I climb underneath my desk, while holding my coffee mug, to grab this pencil that I dropped.") It would save time and, God willing, eliminate any possibilities of accidents in the hallway.

I've taken the liberty of sitting down with him and drawing up some plans. Obviously, we don't want the students to know about the hole. What fun would that be? They might also use it against us in the possible event of a coup. Our original idea was to cover up the hole with a Raquel Welch poster (a' la Shawshank). We ultimately decided against this because Raquel Welch isn't really that popular anymore. It would look suspicious. Also, we'd like to keep the opening uncovered so that it would be easier for Ike to climb through.

My little work area is against the wall that we share. Since there's a table against the wall, and my desk obstructing any view underneath, it's a suitable spot for a hole. Ike would just put a desk against the same wall in his room, thus covering the opening. We thought it might be kind of cool to suddenly trade places--or for one of us to disappear--mid-class. What neither one of us can't understand--with the building being over fifty years old-- is, why nobody has thought to do this before.


Blogger leslie said...

You may borrow my chickens to release into Ike's room during a lesson at any time.

13 March, 2009  

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