Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chiefs Fan

Oh, football season is upon us. Which means the grocery store is a lot less crowded on certain Sunday afternoons. It's not that I dislike sports. I enjoy watching basketball and baseball. However, I've never been one to be too physically active. I'll admit that I have a fear of things that are thrown in my direction at a very fast rate. But I've never quite understood the fascination with football. Living in Kansas City, saying such things is like admitting you're a Communist. The game is a lot of hurry-up-and-waiting, if you ask me. Whenever I have tried watching it, I've been bored from having to wait during a five minute lull after a ten second play. What's the point? But I can't say I detest football as a game in-itself. Even though I can't seem to understand everybody's fascination with it, I have the utmost respect for my friends and family who seem to love it so. No, the reason I detest the thought of football is because of this fellow right here. And many of my football-loving friends and family tend to agree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that guy too.


16 October, 2006  

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