Monday, January 29, 2007

Found Treasure

The other night, Lisa and I took Audrey up to Half Price Books to look around. In the vintage book section I came across this gem from 1916. It's called "How Children Learn To Draw," by Walter Sargent and Elizabeth Miller. I immediately snatched it up and paid eight dollars for it. The words "gift of L.L. Lichtliter" is scrawled across the bottom of the copywrite page, along with the date "10-1-33." As I flip through the book, I can't help but wonder whatever became of the children who were used as test subjects. And who was L.L. Lichtliter? An immediate Google search yielded nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Teel! Good time seeing y'all last week. And good to see you like the Tom Waits box as much as I do. (And that Hold Steady record -- man, they make my thirties sound okay.)
Anyway: we're hitting the Red Balloon Saturday night to celebrate my younger brother, who is back in town after two trips to Iraq. (He's headed back there soon, but to the UAE this time, thank God.) Should be quite a crowd. If you guys are up for it, give me holler!


30 January, 2007  

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