Monday, June 22, 2009

Clip From Unaired TV Pilot

My friend, Lawrence, was cruising You Tube recently and sent me this clip. I had forgotten all about the TV pilot that was shot a few years back for a possible Colorblind Art Teacher television series. What's included here is only a 53 second clip from that one, stand alone episode. I seem to remember the pilot being rejected by the executives at FOX Television for being "too disturbing." Although it's based on a true story that obviously took place in the early eighties, before the country was sensitive to such issues as race.

Until now, I had forgotten about the actors that were chosen to play my parents. Here, my mom is portrayed by a brunette actress, while the Eliminator looks nothing like the large, menacing entity that is shown in the comic book (as well as in real life). My personal opinion is that the series was not picked up due to the underwhelming response toward my mulleted female friend. Also, another inconsistency is when the mother mentions that Mark has a perm, and how it'll grow back. This is simply not true to the canon of The Colorblind Art Teacher.


Blogger Excelsior, True Believers! said...

GIRL: "But you don't HAVE the have a horrible afro!"

(boy swallows a handful of pills)

VOICEOVER:"We will return to Michael Jackson: The Early Years after these commeercials"

13 July, 2009  

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