Thursday, February 01, 2007

iPod (2005-2007)

I'm slightly inebriated as I sit here tonight to write of the great loss we suffered this past week. Tuesday morning, I awoke and, as with my usual routine, I showered, brushed my teeth, packed my lunch, grabbed my man-satchel and unplugged my trusty 20G iPod from its home on top of the tower of my Macintosh G4. That day was different than most, as the iPod would not awake from its slumber. I expressed my concern to Lisa, who replied by reminding me to put socks on the baby before heading out the door with her.

Lisa had given me the iPod as a Valentine's Day gift back in 2005. I guess that's one reason why I weep as I sit and write this. As it happened, the iPod never awoke. I decided, that very evening, to end my suffering and destroy said-iPod before the problem began to obsess my every thought. I did so by smashing it upon the office floor, thus causing its guts and internal essence to sprawl out everywhere. Like a pigeon in a Martin Scorsese film. This saddened me and I immediately called Brandon to seek solace.

Brandon pointed out that any philosopher would have told me that I did the right thing. Instead of becoming a slave to this gadget, I ended the suffering prematurely thus putting my haunting thoughts aside. As he said "You're absolutely right. Confucius would say, 'Smash the bastard.' Actually, he'd probably ask a question instead of making a statement, but in the end you'd be smashing the bastard." This made me feel somewhat better.

So I realized then and there how much I had obsessed over the iPod with 20G of hard drive. That's around 5,000 songs, ladies and gentlemen. With all of this free space, I couldn't help but fill up every part of it. And what did I fill it up with? Volumes of music that I never listened to. It was gluttony. Pure gluttony. Who needs it? It was then that I realized I had become a slave to my iPod. I guess, in a sense, its dying was the best thing that could have happened to me.

So, tonight, I drink a toast to the iPod. To its many countless hours of nostalgia. To its introduction of new music. To its help with many a volume of mixed tape experiments. Thank you, iPod. Tonight, I tip the bottle to you.

So, last night, I got on ebay and ended up buying a brand new 4G iPod Nano for about three-fourths what it goes for in the store. Less space means more freedom. It should be here any day now. A new edition to the family.

Thank you for the memories, 20G iPod.

Welcome to the family, 4G iPod Nano.

The Circle of Life continues...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Circle of Life continues ..."

I feel a song coming on.


02 February, 2007  
Anonymous 'blade said...

Sorry to hear of your great loss, but with every lost life there begins a new one. Or something like that.

05 February, 2007  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

i'M iGlad iTo iSee iYou're iForging iAhead iWith iYour iNewly-renewed (iAlbeit iSlightly iLesser) iPod iSlavery


13 February, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

Yes. A brand new 4G iPod Nano. Slightly larger than my thumb. All meat, no filler!


13 February, 2007  

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