Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Songs I Dig By Bands I Don't

This past weekend, the Secret Mixed Tape Society met at Jeff's house for one last night of grilling out before the warm season comes to a close. It was also time to swap our latest compilations. It should be noted that Songs I Dig By Bands I Don't would be our last musical venture of the year. SIDBBID was another serious undertaking. Not to be confused with a comp of ten guilty pleasures, which has already been done (Guilty As Charged, Spring 2005). Its lists will not be posted here for obvious reasons. Rather, SIBBID represents a dilemma we all face: bands or artists, detested by the listener, who happens to put out a song that you like. The reasons vary. In my particular case, it had a lot to do with memories that are attached.

When I first heard "Still The Same" by Bob Seger, way back when, did I ever realize I would grow up to loathe the artist who created it? Was it even an issue back then? The first time I ever heard "Dreams" by the Cranberries, I liked it because it reminded me of The Sundays. After that, every single they released made me nauseous. Then there's Journey. Who doesn't get riled-up at the opening cords of "Don't Stop Believing?" And the particular song by Michelle Branch is...well...kind of a guilty pleasure. Genesis, a band who I appreciate for their early material with Peter Gabriel up front, is represented here by a song that was produced during their decline in the eighties. "Land Of Confusion," to me, is the only good thing that came out of this particular period. Even when I was a child, I didn't appreciate it quite like I do today. Lisa insists it has more to do with my memories of the music video. She may be right. I was quite fond of puppets back then.

If you notice the bad design, typographical errors and incorrect listings in the above image, they're there for a reason. Since we began this series, I've dreamed of designing a really bad cover. I figured this collection was the best time to do so. In order to do it properly, I had to get into the mind of an idiot. No offense to anybody who actually likes any of these bands.


Anonymous JT Cool said...

I'm still a little PO'd that we both used "Still the Same" when all along I really wanted to use "Against the Wind" but figured that would be the Seger song you chose. Actually, I didn't even think you'd use any Seger, but I figured a Foreigner tune would be on there.

27 September, 2007  
Anonymous Gaby said...

All in all, I enjoyed this comp pretty well. Mark, I agree with Page that this was your best comp so far. It could be because I actually knew all the songs that were included in your comp unlike some previous ones.

27 September, 2007  
Anonymous sundance said...

Ah, once a music snob, always a music snob! Some things never change. But I mean that in a good way. :)

However, you being a cartoonist/artist, I am surprised that you would use one of those unauthorized "Calvin pissing" designs on your cover. I read an older interview with Bill Watterston talking about how much he hates those things and the fact that he can't control them. I suppose better on a comp cover than on the back of your pickup truck, Cletus.

28 September, 2007  
Blogger Mark Teel said...

Yeah, but it's all part of the "tacky" cover and design. Calvin-pissing was the topping on the ice cream.

29 September, 2007  

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