Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lisa, Me and Max Makes Three

When Lisa and I sat down at the Target Portrait Studio sometime in 1999 to have our engagement photo taken, dreams of a child were far from our minds. That day, however, the photographer had brought his two-year-old son, Max, in with him. A cute little scamp, Max was very advanced for his age as he was already walking around and speaking perfectly. He was a cute little guy and, yes, the type of child who you didn't mind spending an hour or so with about once a year. It was because of this charm that the little boy drew a crowd, as he sang a song and did a soft shoe dance on the front counter for all the customers.

But he really warmed up to us. During our time in the studio, Young Max followed me around and kept trying to get Lisa to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. When it was time for our sitting, the lad jumped into Lisa's lap and in front of the camera no less than three times. The little bugger was really starting to get on our nerves as his antics caused laughter and attention from the onlookers who had surrounded us.

At long last, our photographer offered to give us our prints for free if we would just let the boy in the photo with us. Never ones to turn down a deal, we took him up on it. After the photos were taken and we had approved the one we liked (Max ended up sitting with us for several poses), we waited until the lad was distracted by a flash bulb, blended into the crowd and snuck away never to see him again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the introduction of Baby Audrey into the cast, I had almost forgotten that--back in the first season--you'd occasionally brought in a little scamp named Max for some comedy relief.

Reviews were always mixed about Max, and I think the broad appeal of the Audrey character has kept the show from jumping the shark. I mean, the diehards are going to stick with Mark & Lisa through all sorts of changes, but Max was superfluous. I remember one episode where Max thought he was bad luck ... until Mark and Lisa took him to on a tour of a movie studio and he turned out to be the one millionth visitor. The prize was guest starring in a silent movie ...

Anyway, I heard that Max was killed in Vietnam after he left the show, but says that it's an urban legend.

Maybe he'll pop up over on the Jeff & Gaby set.


24 February, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

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24 February, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

How about that episode where Max and his best friend, Olly, were kidnapped by the child molester, played by Gordon Jump. If I remember correctly, Max escaped and dashed home to tell Lisa and me what had happened. With the little guy's common sense and quick wit we were able to avert danger. And now Olly's at home, safe and sound (or so I assume. We haven't seen or heard from him since season two).

But, of course, we can't forget the episode where Max found out that Olly was purchasing Pediacare--200 boxes at a time--to keep his meth business on its feet. When Max caught wind of this, he was able to get First Lady Laura Bush to their school to talk about America's War on Terrorism (?).

Then there was the time Mr. T. stopped by and---

Oh, I could go on and on. I'll just end it by pointing out the third time Max was involved in a kidnapping and we just went ahead and left him there.


24 February, 2007  

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