Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Allergist Who Killed Himself

When I was very young, I sought help regularly from a particular allergist. Being a very eccentric man, my mother was not all too crazy about him and, often times, lamented how she would prefer the services of another. Despite this, we stayed on board.

One recurring theme, which was always brought up on our visits, was my deviated septum, which seemed to be the origin of most of my allergy-related problems. The allergist was bound and determined to give me a particular surgery that would clear out my sinus passages, thus allowing me to breathe better and suffer less over those spring months. After a period of coaxing, my mother finally gave-in and approved said surgery. It was a very short time after having given the go ahead--and before the surgery-- that the allergist took a gun to his own temple and ended his life.

I never underwent the surgery and now, some twenty years later, am still plagued with sinus problems and seasonal allergies.


Anonymous 'blade said...

For being morbid and such a downer, that's actually a really funny story.

Or maybe I'm just in a strange mood.

22 March, 2007  
Anonymous Mom said...

No, no, I never gave in! I didn't trust that doctor, & we left him, taking your records with us. We found another alergist, a woman this time, but it was after we left him that he killed himself. I always felt somewhat responsible.


23 March, 2007  
Anonymous Mom said...

By the way, that picture looks very much like him!

23 March, 2007  

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