Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Leon, The Boy With Severe Anger Issues

Leon is a sixth grader at my school. He's a very talented artist who, I think, may have a photo-graphic memory. Looking at his reproductions of other drawings, I'm amazed at the detail and swiftness of his work since often times he doesn't even have the original piece to look from as he draws it. He's also extremely fast and can scribble out a detailed drawing in a matter of seconds. Leon's only downfall is that he has severe anger issues. The kind that brings on frequent visits to the principal's office.

He's actually a bit of a douche.


Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Be honest, that's really Alan.

21 March, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

Glad to see you're back to your sarcastic self. Which reminds me, I haven't been able to post anything--sarcastic or otherwise--on your blog for the past week. Should I take it personally? Are you still my favorite Calderone?

holla back.


21 March, 2007  
Anonymous Yeff said...

I tried posting a few weeks back too, Pete, and it wouldn't let me. I figured it was just a temporary software glitch - nothing personal. The difference between the Bros. Teel. Ha!

22 March, 2007  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Other people have been able to post and I haven't banned anyone, so without knowing what happens when you try, I would just be guessing at this point. If you give me a little more info, I can see what's the what.

24 March, 2007  

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