Tuesday, April 03, 2007

¿Cómo Usted Dice "Happy Birthday?"

It's been three years now since Gaby has joined our family. For those of you who don't know, Jeff met Gaby through a mutual friend. From the beginning, we all knew their relationship was built to last, as they seem perfect for one another. They both enjoy regular exercise, eating healthy and keeping their teeth an immaculate white. Gaby, who's native language is Spanish, has often times been the center of attention at family get togethers. We often times find enjoyment in asking her to translate titles of American television shows to Spanish (my personal favorite is for "Diff'rent Strokes." In Paraguay it's called "Negro y Blanco," which translates to "Black & White." There was an even funnier one for "The A Team," but I can't remember what it is right now).

Needless to say, Spanish has always somewhat intrigued me. I took a stab at learning the language while in junior high school. After having failed it twice, I finally decided that I preferred to be left in the dark. But after having met Gaby, I decided it was time to climb back on the horse. I secretly began to take night classes with the hope of one day sending her a birthday greeting. Here goes:

Feliz Cumpleaños Gaby. Espero que usted tenga un buen año y que usted es feliz con mi hermano, Jeff. Seriamente sin embargo, es bueno que él encontró a alguien para colocar abajo con. Él era siempre picky, así que es un honor que él le eligió. Usted lo hace feliz y usted es la mejor cosa que él ha visto siempre. Espero que usted tenga un niño pequeño pronto de modo que Audrey tenga un primo con quien ella pueda crecer para antedicho. Eso sería bueno.

En cualquier caso, feliz cumpleaños otra vez. ¡Nosotros todo el amor usted!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleaños Gaby! I wish you all the best on your birthday. See you tonight.

04 April, 2007  
Anonymous El Jefe said...

Oh crap it's Gaby's birthday!!!! I've gotta split - thanks for the reminder !!!...

04 April, 2007  
Anonymous Gaby said...

Mark, I was ecstatic when I read that you've been secretely taking night classes so you can write me a birthday greeting! So here is my response to you: Muchas gracias por los buenos deseos. Eres el mejor cuñado que alguien pueda tener. Jeff y yo vamos a tratar de darle a Audrey un primito muy pronto para que puedan jugar juntos y hablar en español. Esta noche podemos hablar en español durante la cena.

By the way, "The A Team" was called Los Magnificos (the magnificents). Here are other ones: The Flintstones - Los Picapiedras (the stone pickers), The Smurfs - Los Pitufos, Tom and Jerry - Tom y Jerry.

04 April, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

Gaby, pienso que qué usted está haciendo para la sociedad es notable. ¡No puedo esperar hasta que usted y freza de Jeff un niño! Espero que él o ella tenga dientes blancos brillantes también.

Le veré esta noche, cuando banquetearemos al contenido de nuestro corazón.

mgt. (Marca Guillermo Toteel)

04 April, 2007  
Anonymous Mom Teel said...

Can someone please speak English?

Feliz Cumpleanos, Gaby!

Mom (aka Judy)

04 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gaby, fortuna dies natalis!

(I only know Latin. But hey, you're Latin American, so you probably do too, right?)


04 April, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

Okay. For those of you who don't know or speak Spanish, like Gaby and I do, and want to know what we've been saying, just highlight and paste our text into the box on here: http://babelfish.altavista.com/. Be sure and select "Spanish to English." mwt.

04 April, 2007  
Anonymous Gaby said...

Well, since I am Latin American (or Hispanic or South American), I should speak Latin and American, right? Or so a lot of people would assume. Just like I've been asked before if I speak Mexican or Paraguayan.

05 April, 2007  
Blogger Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Wow, that picture brings back so many fond memories. It reminds me of the great Teel tradition of the females preening the males and then measuring them for their yarmulke. Ah, tradition. Tradition!

07 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, gals...what are you doing to Jeff's head in that picture? I can't imagine you can do anything for him that some sort of cream wouldn't take care of better.


13 April, 2007  

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