Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Hey, Bob Saget!!"

Maybe one of you youngsters can enlighten me on this one. A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Lisa's folks in St. Louis. On one particular evening, we drove to a Mexican restaurant which was located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Chesterfield. The parking lot was up against a busy street and I had to park the vehicle parallel to the flow of the traffic, with the driver's side closest to the street. As I was removing Audrey from her car seat, located on the left side (see drawing), I heard the sound of a car horn and then the words "HEY, BOB SAGET!!" I firmly believe that the cry from the moving vehicle (no doubt delivered by teenagers), was directed toward me.

Lisa and our sister-in-law, Rachel, were standing nearby and began to laugh. We all heard the message, but were equally dumbfounded at its meaning. They both insisted that the term "Bob Saget" had some direct connection with the notion that my jeans were sagging, thus exposing my boxer shorts when I leaned downward.

"Why 'Bob Saget?'" I asked.

"I dunno. Bob Saget...sagging pants. What else could it be?"

The incident caused me to chuckle to myself, the more I thought about it. It wasn't too long ago that I, along with Terry and Dave, would drive around the Kansas City area and yell unusual things at innocent people. On a summer evening in Olathe in the mid-nineties, one may have had the distinct honor of hearing the word "ALBATROSS!!" or "SAUSAGE!!"or "'PONCHO MAN LIVES!!" being shouted from a passing vehicle. This was done with the intention of leaving confused people behind in the dust.

Now, some weeks later, I still replay the Bob Saget incident in my head. I've decided to accept the sagging pants theory. Or, in a perfect world, it was three smart asses who were trying to leave me bewildered. The thought that this is what may have happened is what helps me sleep at night. The days of yelling strange things at strangers is over for us, but somewhere, some place, the dance continues. And there will always be an old bastard like me, sitting at a computer writing about it.


Anonymous Yeff said...


"Good God, it's SCIENCE!"

11 June, 2007  

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