Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bachelor Pad Revisted

It's been nine years since I've seen my old friend and roommate, Terry. Terry and I met in high school art class and became fast friends. I got him into some trouble, and he put up with it as long as I would keep putting him in my comic strips. We eventually got an apartment together. We dubbed it "The Bachelor Pad." It was here that we spent countless hours laughing at each other's comments, throwing food out the window at the white trash neighbors below, and quoting lines from "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid." I had created a comic strip called, what else? "Tales from the Bachelor Pad."

But as we grew older, I stopped drawing our adventures. I had become frustrated with my life and eventually quit drawing the comic strips. Soon after, our lease was up. We moved into our own apartments and would see each other only occasionally. I met Lisa and my priorities shifted as I pursued a degree in graphic design and spent my weekends with her in Columbia. Terry and I slowly drifted apart. Before I knew it, we had moved on in completely separate directions and lost touch altogether.

I decided that it had been way too long since we had last spoke. I recently became reacquainted with some old mutual friends and, through this, reconnected with Terry.

A lot happens in nine years time. Marriage, babies, lots and lots of growing up. When we sat down across from one another at Borders last Wednesday night, I felt as if I had just woken up from a long sleep. My friend had aged nine years and had gone through life experiences that I had no part of. This saddened me. And, from what I gathered, he felt the same way. It was odd when I realized all the technology and events that had occurred in the time of our hiatus. As I logged his number into my cell phone, I somehow felt as if things had come full circle. Afterall, when we last hung out, cell phones were something that only the Jetsons had used. The internet was on the horizon, but nowhere as relevant as its become. The events of September 11th had occurred and the country had undergone a great change as a result. It's odd to realize how much everything has changed in this time. In the time I've carried a cell phone, I've never looked down and seen Terry's name listed, just like I've never logged into my hotmail account and seen his name waiting in my inbox. He's never even met Lisa, which blows my mind to think about.

I'm happy to announce that Terry has found happiness. A successful career, a wife and brand new baby daughter. The Bachelor Pad may be gone, but not forgotten. And over the past nine years, I've upgraded my VHS copy of "Butch & Sundance" to a DVD. We can take comfort in knowing that our daughters have something they can watch together.

Hmmm. "The Bachelorette Pad?"


Anonymous Sundance said...

You just keep right on thinking, Butch. That's what you're good at.

It was good to see you too, pal. I gotta go now, I've got something in my eye.

16 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can really relate to this. Everytime I see Tim at Borders, I leave feeling like I haven't really told him anything about me, and I still don't know anything about him. "We're doing fine, thanks," just doesn't cut it.

It's been 16 years since Tim and I did our last "Matt and Tim" thing together: we took a daytrip out to Topeka to look at his old house and all the places he told me about when we were growing up together. We had a great time and had Mexican food for dinner, and I remember he dropped me off at my apartment in Lawrence and we said, "I'll call you," and we literally never did call each other again. That was it.

I don't have his phone number. I don't have his email address. I don't know where he lives. I just occasionally see him when we're in Kansas City, and we exchange pleasantries, but I literally know so little about him now that I can't even make a conversation anymore. It's always nice, but there comes that point where you're like, "Weeelll ... it was nice seeing you," because *there's nothing else to say.*

Anyway, I'm really glad you and Sundance teamed up for one last ride. Good post.

16 April, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

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16 April, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

16 April, 2007  
Blogger mwt. said...

Sundance: I need to add that I've also never seen that name signed by anybody on this blog before. Very surreal.

Matt: Actually, it isn't "one last ride." We're actually hanging out again. We're trying to find a time to get the families together. Then we're going to go get arrested for something even dumber than the first time. And our daughters are going to ride shotgun.

It's not really a reunion movie as much as it's a brand new series that picks up nine years later. Think ""The New Leave It To Beaver" instead of "Still The Beaver." Or "What's Happening Now!!"

It's awesome reuniting with old friends. I encourage anybody else here to do it. mwt.

16 April, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you'd like to learn more about reuniting with old friends, there are many fine books in your public library."


16 April, 2007  
Anonymous Mom said...

I'm glad to read you guys have finally gotten together. Hi to Terry from Jude & the Eliminator. Hope we get to meet your wife & new baby girl one of these days!


20 April, 2007  

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