Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let The Wild Rumpus Start

Friday the 16th. Six more days to go.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shipping Today

The fine people at Prepress Graphics told me that I was wasting my time cutting my own books. In the past, I had them print them off and then leave the cutting, stitching and folding to yours truly. After this last go-around (The Colorblind Art Teacher #2, which can be ordered right here) I decided that I was sick and tired of having to line up the copy myself, cut, and take the chance of not being delicate or precise enough. After lamenting this to Stephanie, she assured me that, not only are their people as precise as you can get (unlike your Office Maxs and Depots where the college student getting paid $6 an hour could care less about precision), but it wasn't really that much more to have this done. I agreed, along with the intention of binding and folding by myself. It's this process that makes the work feel 100% finished. And only then, can I rest.

Today, after a class period spent stacking pages, binding, folding and cleverly devising a way in which to attach the free three-song hip hop sampler (the students love to watch this process), I was able to pack, address and ship the first batch. If you placed an order already, it should arrive by the weekend. Enjoy.

And, oh yes, please feel free to order something from me if you haven't already.