Monday, April 14, 2008

Destined To Stay Home On A Monday

It's 10:45, in the morning, on Monday right now and I'm sitting here at home. I've decided to post some pics of Audrey simply because I haven't posted anything in a while. And, let's face it--you people come here to see pics of her anyway. So here they are.

I woke up Friday morning with a heavy head and a sore throat. Matt and the kids were to be in town later on in the day and I was looking forward to meeting up at Mom's for dinner. Lisa had plans with a friend and I was flying solo, so I figured I'd take Audrey out to see her cousins and then, at evening's end, bring David back with me to spend the night.

As my day at work drew to a close, it seemed more and more evident that going out to Olathe may not be a good idea. However, Lisa was still going to be out and I was going to have Audrey all to myself. And being sick and still having to take care of a toddler is not the ideal situation. Then Lisa called to inform me her plans fell through. Perfect. She can have Audrey and I'll go to bed at 8:00. With any luck, I'll feel better the next day and I can still go out to see Matt and the family, and even bring David back to spend Saturday night. I awoke on Saturday, feeling even worse than the day before. After sleeping until noon, I encouraged Lisa to take Audrey out to Olathe without me. Audrey's sleepover with her cousin David simply won't happen this visit.

Sunday, I felt much better and, with this, had decided that I would return to work on Monday. As we were preparing to put Audrey down for bed last night, I received a call from Laura, informing me that Thomas had taken ill and that daycare would be shut down for the day. I figured I could go ahead and stay home. After all, I had cleaned-up my room at the school (to the best of my ability) and had left my "sub folder" out in plain view on my desk, just in case I would have to call in sick Monday morning. As I was preparing to log-on to Subfinder, Lisa raised a good point. Why not ask The Eliminator to watch Audrey? He's retired now, and it might be a good opportunity for him. So I called the Old Man and, not only did he oblige, he seemed to be a a bit excited about it. So it was all set. Lisa would drop Audrey off in Olathe this morning, and then head to work. I would drive out and pick her up at the end of the work day.

As we arose this morning, another discovery was made. The basement had a pipe that had burst and, although not "bad" in the sense that it was flooding, it was still very wet down below. I looked for a shut-off valve and concluded that no such animal exists within a house built in 1953.

With any luck, the plumber (who's here right now and, just for the record, showed me where the mysterious shut-off valve is) will fix what needs fixing and then I can go into work for the last half of the day. Unless the gods frown upon me again and make things somehow worse. Which could still very well happen.